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mango b1fde6c977 added new easyvdr-addon-vch-helper - uploaded2-base-stable-PPA 2 years ago
a/atric-usb-driver logos +setup (Uploaded2PPA) 5 years ago
b new boblight - uploaded2-base-stable-PPA 5 years ago
c add new curl - uploaded2base-testing-PPA 5 years ago
d new dddvb-dkms - uploaded2-base-testing-PPA 3 years ago
dev added Devscripts 6 years ago
e added new easyvdr-addon-vch-helper - uploaded2-base-stable-PPA 2 years ago
f new font-opensans - uploaded2-base-stable 4 years ago
g graphlcd-base(touchcol) - uploaded2-base-stable 4 years ago
h remove handbrake 6 years ago
i add new intel-vaapi-driver - uploaded2base-unstable-PPA 5 years ago
iso-root iso-root t18 (uploaded2PPA) 6 years ago
l linux-firmware-easyvdr remove obsolet firmware - uploaded2-base-stable-PPA 4 years ago
m new minisatip - uploaded2-base-stable-PPA 4 years ago
n remove old sources nvidia 3 years ago
p plymouth branding (1) 4 years ago
s fix shellinabox 4 years ago
t/taglib-1.9.1 new taglib - uploaded2-base-stable 4 years ago
u/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu-75 added depends to ir-packages - uploaded2testingPPA 6 years ago
v added nvidia-304.131 - uploaded2-base-stable-PPA 3 years ago
w add w-scan (last upstream version) - uploaded2testingPPA 6 years ago
x remove old sources xbmc-pvr-addons 5 years ago
y YARD2 Tools (Uploaded2PPA) 5 years ago